Swamp People Stars R.J. Molinere, Jay Paul Molinere Arrested for Battery, Beat Man With Beer Bottle


R.J. Molinere and Jay Paul Molinere have gotten themselves in deep water. The father-and-son duo, both stars of History Channel’s Swamp People, surrendered Friday, Sept. 6, after allegedly beating a man with a beer bottle in Bourg, Lousiania, on Aug. 8.
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The reality stars, alligator hunters on the History Channel series, apparently followed a 24-year-old man to a nearby mini mart and attacked him with a bottle of beer after getting into a heated argument with him on 101 Bourg-LaRose Highway, TMZ reports. The victim ended up with a black eye and a swollen forehead and jaw.
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Molinere Jr., 51, and Molinere III, 25, were released Friday afternoon from the Terrebonne Parish jail on $1,000 bonds each.
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Swamp People premiered in August 2010, with the latest fourth season ending in July 2013. Both Molinere men appeared on the last three seasons, documenting their day-to-day activities of hunting alligators for a living.

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